Orthodontics in Yonkers is a line of treatment which is very useful for children. It is a branch of dentistry which involves the placement of braces and related treatment which is tremendously useful when children suffer from misaligned or irregularly placed teeth. It comes in utility because due to this a person can get a bright and sweet smile on their faces. This treatment, though many believe can be done during childhood or adolescent years only, can be used even in the adult years of a person’s life.

When is orthodontic treatment required in Yonkers?

This line of treatment is needed when a person suffers from teeth which are not set in a routine. Sometimes, due to one reason or another, the teeth come out crooked. Orthodontics in Yonkers is also needed when teeth are jutting outwards (this could be the upper or the lower ones). At such times, the dental surgeon or orthodontist needs to pull out a few teeth and have these wires (what they are simplistically referred to as) or braces placed on the teeth. With these, the teeth can get properly aligned, albeit this treatment may take a few months or even up to a year or two.

Patients are under the impression that orthodontic treatment is very painful. It is true that some amount of discomfort does come along with this therapy. However, it is not as if the pain involved in the procedure is unbearable. For pulling out or extracting teeth, local anesthesia is usually given – this involves a couple or so of injections, and this is a bit painful. However, after the area becomes numb, there is no sensation which a patient feels.

When braces are placed onto the teeth, there is no pain as such which comes by. Sometimes, however, the patient has to use rubber bands which help to push the teeth into the appropriate place. This can involve a bit of discomfort especially during the first one or two days of placing the rubber bands as the pressure can be felt in the mouth region. However, the result of orthodontic treatment is so much worth the effort and the bit of discomfort that goes along with it.

After braces are removed within the given duration of a few months or a year or so’s time, the orthodontist may use retainers to ensure that the teeth do not slip back into their earlier positions. This would render the treatment done useless. Hence, it is best to wear the retainers for as long as the orthodontist suggests.

Some people consider wearing braces as fashionable. It is very trendy to have your teeth done up in this manner even if they are properly aligned. However, one should not get fooled by such talk. Go in for this treatment only if is required to do so since it is very time consuming and involves regular visits to the dentist for a good amount of time.

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