Three Reasons Why Invisalign Is the Right Choice for Your Smile, Yonkers

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  1. At times, children and even adults have teeth which are irregular or misaligned. These need to be straightened out for a person to have a smile which is perfect and also for the manner of eating and talking to be well. Some people prefer to opt for braces and retainers. However, one should also consider the advantage of Invisalign aligners. First and foremost, these are custom-made for the patient. This is done in the dental laboratory. The aligners are almost invisible, and hence the patient need not feel conscious at all while using them. This most essential since sometimes certain people feel very conscious using braces and retainers for this very reason. The aligners fit very snugly and properly ever the teeth and gums, and there is no sense of discomfort involved while using them.
  2. Each aligner shifts the teeth by a bit. The movement which comes by is horizontal as well as vertical, and if need be, it is also by rotating the tooth in question. The aligners have been made to give the right amount of nudge at the right time for making the teeth shift. The aligners, in most cases, are changed every week, and the teeth gradually come into their positions (the one which is wanted for the teeth to straighten). The entire treatment plan is mapped out by the dentist or orthodontist. The treatment plan may vary from person to person and from a case to case basis. It is a fact that only Invisalign clear aligners are made of a particular kind of substance (a proprietary, multilayer SmartTrack substance) which enables the shifting of teeth.
  3. The action of the aligners is permanent and the teeth once straightened will not shift back to their earlier positions (in all likelihood). Thus, the nature of the treatment is permanent, and it enables a patient to get a perfect smile and a nice and straight set of teeth in a given duration of time.
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