Sedation Dentistry: Because Anxiety Shouldn't Prevent You From Getting the Dental Care You Need

According to one dental market research study, more than six out of 10 adults say they have dental anxiety or even dental phobia. Four percent have such strong anxiety about going to the dentist they have never had dental care as an adult at all.

At Westchester Smile Design in Yonkers, New York, Dr. Shay Markovitch and his team of dental specialists recognize that coming to our office in the first place can be an act of courage. We will respectfully and compassionately listen to your worries, concerns, or fears, and provide you with dental sedation options to ensure you stay relaxed and comfortable during your treatment.  

Sedation dentistry options

We have two main options when it comes to sedation dentistry. The main goal of dental sedation is to make your dental appointments less stressful, so you can feel confident in making and keeping your appointments for cleanings, exams, and other dental care procedures.   

Nitrous oxide

Also known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is administered through a small mask, and we can taper the amount up and down based on your signals to keep you feeling relaxed but not fully impaired during your dental procedure. Nitrous oxide isn’t a narcotic, but it can help put you into a relaxed state. You’ll be awake, but feeling happy and content during your dental procedure. This can help you get through dental appointments you’ve been putting off, and over time can slowly reduce your fear of the dental chair.

Intravenous (IV) sedation

For long and complicated dental treatments or patients who are extremely worried and nervous, we use IV sedation. This option is delivered through a tiny needle inserted into a vein (usually in your forearm), which is taped down and connected to an IV line. Our anesthesiologist carefully monitors you and keeps you in a relaxed “twilight” state while your dentist completes your dental care. By allowing you to enter a deeper state of relaxation, we can often complete complex, lengthy procedures in one visit, instead of having to break up your treatment into multiple appointments.

Advantages of dental sedation

Sedation dentistry can do more than simply alleviate anxiety about dental appointments. It can also help facilitate: 

Consistent dental care

Up to one in five adults say they put off going to the dentist because of dental anxiety. This means you’re not alone! With sedation dentistry as an option, you can put an end to letting fear stop you from getting consistent dental care.

Fewer after effects

Sedation dentistry can also significantly reduce soreness in your jaw. When you are anxious, your muscles tense, including the ones in your face. This can mean your body automatically fights against the jaw retractor we use when performing many dental procedures. When you’re relaxed and anxiety-free, your jaw can be held open with minimal effort and you’ll experience less soreness when you get home.

Ready to take the anxiety out of your next dental visit? Call our office at 914-200-3962 to schedule your appointment, and ask our staff about sedation dentistry options. 

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