Are You Ruining Your Teeth With These Common Bad Habits?

Are your oral habits putting your teeth and smile at risk? You can seriously damage your teeth if you don’t stop now. Many people don’t even realize how dangerous their habits are to their teeth and gums. 

At Westchester Smile Design in Westchester, New York, our team of dental specialists can provide emergency dental services or cosmetic dentistry if your teeth are damaged. Of course, the best way to prevent dental work is to stop bad oral habits in the first place!

Don’t bite non-food things

Using your teeth as a tool is a big no-no. Your incisors aren’t intended for tearing packages apart, and your molars aren’t meant for twisting off bottle caps. Stop crunching on ice, quit biting sewing thread, and use your teeth for what they were designed for — smiling, pronouncing sounds, and chewing your food. Invest in a multi-purpose tool instead.

Slow down on sugary snacks

Sugar can cause cavities, and acids will chew through your tooth enamel. Once you have a soft spot on a tooth, it’s only a matter of time until bacteria find its way to your tooth root and infects the pulp. You could end up needing a root canal or even having an extraction! Is all that worth the extra piece of candy?

You don’t have to go cold turkey. Just cut down on:

Simply have to have some sugar? Pour yourself a glass of water to drink afterward, to rinse your mouth out until you can get to a toothbrush and sink.

Ease up on oral hygiene

Aggressive brushing with a hard-bristle toothbrush and/or abrasive cleaners can cause your tooth enamel to degrade and cause irritation in your gums. Use a soft bristle brush in circular patterns of movement, then floss with care. The key is frequency and thoroughness, not furious scrubbing and pressure.

Quit sidelining your mouth or night guard

Wearing a dentist-provided nightguard can keep you from grinding your teeth down (bruxism) or ending up with a jaw or tooth alignment disorder. If you play sports, a mouthguard is a must to reduce your risk of injury on the field.  

Stop getting mouth piercings

Pierce your ears, nose, and belly button instead of your lips, cheek, or tongue. These studs can bang against your teeth, doing damage to the enamel, and cause an infection in your mouth, leading to potential gum inflammation, gum disease, and bone loss in your jaw.  

By quitting these bad habits and visiting your dentist twice a year for cleanings and check-ups, you can keep your smile looking great. Call our office at 914-200-3962 to schedule your next appointment.

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