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endodontist Yonkers
Cosmetic Dentist- Yonkers

Inspired by Meliora (=Ever Better) spirit of University of Rochester. Guided by a never-ending urge for knowledge and excellence. Always seeking to be professional and educate her patients on their treatment. Dr. Syrrakou loves to read, travel, exercise, and even dabbles in photography. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Syrrakou please call 914-476-3838.

Dr. Syrrakou is a highly trained general and cosmetic dentist that spends a lot of time listening to her patients to try and understand their fears of dentistry and their ambitions in creating a beautiful smile. Once she fully understands the patient she proposes a treatment plan that is tailor made to that patient and may involve working with our periodontist and orthodontist. She is a perfectionist at heart, artistic and strives for excellence.


Dr. Syrrakou welcomes new patients

If you are interested in learning how Dr. Syrrakou can help you in creating a beautiful smile then call our office and ask to make an appointment to discuss some cosmetic dental procedures. We offer free consultaions for patients looking for dental implants, Lumineers, dental crowns, INVISALIGN or a looking for a smile makeover.



Schedule an appointment today with Dr. Syrrakou. Call our office today on 914-476-3838 for an appointment.