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Emergency Dentist - Yonkers


We understand that some dental problems cannot wait. Our specialists are experienced in emergency dentistry and how to treat them. It is very important that our patients know what constitutes a dental emergency and that they contact us right away so that we may treat the problem. We want our patients to be aware that while some dental issues can be postponed until the next day, there are certain circumstances that can actually affect your health.

We consider certain symptoms as a sign that you may have a dental emergency. You should call our office if you are experiencing any of the following:

If you need an emergency dentist in Yonkers for a dental emergency after normal business hours and you’re already a patient with Westchester Smile Design then please contact our office and leave a message with our answering service. We will get in touch with you to speak or see an emergency dentist as soon as possible. If it is really serious and can't wait then visit your local hospital.

If you are experiencing bleeding inside your mouth then the first thing is to stay calm.
Do not take aspirin or ibuprofen.
These are blood thinners (anticoagulants) and will make your bleeding worse. If you need to reduce pain, then take acetaminophen and apply ice to the impacted area.

Emergency Dentist near me: We serve patients in the following zipcodes: 10583, 10701, 10703, 10704, 10705, 10706, 10707, 10708, 10710.

Our emergency dentists will treat all dental emergencies in the Yonkers, Westchester area - If you have a dental emergency call 914-476-3838 immediately to schedule an emerhgency dentist appointment.

We treat:

- Infected Gums
- Failed Root Canals
- Chipped or Broken Teeth
- Broken Dentures
- Swollen Gums
- Swollen Jaw
- Broken or Missing Crowns
- Dental Abscess
- Toothache
- Dental Extractions and Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If you cannot get to an emergency dentist in Yonkers immediately then here are some helpful tips how to deal with a dental emergency until you get to see an emergency dentist that will alleviate the problem.


If you have sore gums or swelling in the jaw then you must see your dentist immediately as gum pain is usually a sign of a dental abscess either in the gums or the root of your tooth and could be a sign that you will need a root canal. Your gums can swell for many reasons but the only way to find out exactly what is wrong is to get a dentist to look at it as soon as possible.

If you have a dental abscess that ruptures then you may experience an unpleasant tasting liquid in your mouth combined with a foul smell. Rinse your mouth out with warm salty water.

If you still have persistent pain then call to see an emergency dentist atWestchester Smile Design. We will make time for your dental emergency in their schedule.

We provide urgent dental care in Yonkers, NY

Chipped or broken tooth - If you have a chipped or broken tooth then it may be possible to re-attach the broken pieces of your tooth, however only your dentist will be able to tell you if this is possible. You can then apply gauze to the affected area where it is bleeding. Keep firm intermittent pressure to stop the bleeding. If you can find the chipped or broken pieces of your tooth right then keep them in a small container with some of your saliva.

Once the bleeding has stopped you can apply a cold compress to the affected area that will minimize the swelling. If after 10 minutes of constant, firm pressure it still continues to bleed see your dentist or immediately go to the emergency room.
If you have a chipped or broken tooth it is important to see an emergency dentist ASAP. The more time you wait the higher are the chances we will not be able to save your tooth. For an emergency dentist call 914-476-3838. We will make time for your dental emergency in our schedule.

Object caught between your teeth - If you have a foreign object stuck between your teeth then first thing is to stay calm. Do not use sharp tools to try to dislodge it in case you injure your gums or damage tooth enamel. Use wax coated dental floss. This will allow the floss to move between your teeth and around the object. Be careful when moving it around the teeth. If you are still unable to move it then it is time to see an emergency dentist in Yonkers.
For an emergency dentist in Yonkers call 914-476-3838. We will make time for your dental emergency in our schedule.

Knocked out adult tooth. (Avulsed tooth) - If you have been unfortunate enough to have knocked out an adult tooth then you have a 1-2 hour window to save the tooth. This means that by getting to an emergency dentist in Yonkers immediately you are increasing the chances for being able to re-implant the tooth and only the dentist will be able to tell you if it can be saved.

Keep the pieces of the tooth and gently rinse them with warm water.
You must then place the pieces into a small container. You can then cover them with milk or water with a pinch of salt. You can also use saliva from the injured person.

If you have lost a filling or a crown - If your filling or crown has been knocked out or if it has been lost then you can relieve pain by preventing it from coming into contact with the air. You can use clove oil (you can get this in a local pharmacy) or you can dip a cotton swab and then apply it to the affected tooth.

Lost Filling:

If you happen to have found your filling you put it in a safe place and then take with you schedule an emergency dentist appointment to see your dentist.
To reduce any pain and alleviate any discomfort you can fill the hole in your tooth with either tooth wax or cement (this is available at your local pharmacy). You must not use any household adhesives in your mouth.
Lost Crown:
If you found the missing crown then you can temporarily replace it yourself using bonding cement that you can find at the dentist. Use a small amount and this should hold you until you schedule an appointment to see your dentist.
If you have injured have lost a filling or a crown this is actually a dental emergency and is not something that should be left alone as it can become infected.

Urgent Dental Care Yonkers

To schedule an emergency dentist appointment in Yonkers call us on 914-476-3838 and we will make time for your dental emergency in our schedule.

Severe PainIf you are experiencing severe pain and any consistent bleeding in your mouth, you need to be looked at right away, as this is rarely a normal thing to experience, even after removing your molars.

Loss of a permanent tooth– If you have lost an adult tooth, coming in for immediate treatment can potentially save your tooth. If you can find your tooth, place it in a small amount of milk and bring it in for possible reattachment. If you can see the root of your tooth, try your best not to touch it.

Loose Teeth– Adult teeth should never feel loose or painful, making loose teeth a serious problem. This is not something you want to ignore once you have noticed it.

Signs of an infection– Signs of an infection can include swelling of your gums and face, which may or may not be accompanied by severe pain. Oral infections are a serious health concern and should be brought to our attention immediately.

Toothache accompanied by a fever– When you have a toothache combined with a fever and possible swelling of the gums and face, you most likely need immediate treatment. This issue has potential to become very severe very quickly when not looked at right away.

Abscessed Tooth– A dental abscess is a severe condition. This occurs when a pocket of puss inside a tooth has caused an infection. These symptoms include a fever, sensitivity, persistent toothache, tender lymph nodes, a bump on your gums, and swelling in your face. Addressing this kind of infection quickly is very important, as it can spread to your jaw and even other areas of your body.

Crown or Filling dislodged– If you lose a crown or notice a filling in your tooth has come out, you need to let us know right away. You can usually go a night without treatment depending on the severity of pain you are experiencing, but allowing any more time to pass can cause serious issues.


If you experience any of these symptoms, or a combination of them, you may have a dental emergency. It is important that you call us immediately and describe your symptoms, even if you are not sure of the severity at the time. We are here to help you determine what kind of treatment you need and how soon you need it. Waiting too long to be treated is not worth the risk to your health. Waiting too long to treat dental issues can also end up costing a lot more due to long term damage and infections. Our goal is to keep you healthy and your teeth looking their best by offering quality service in a timely manner.

We like to advise our patients to actively avoid potential dental emergencies . The best way to prevent them is pretty simple. Maintaining a healthy oral hygiene regimen is the best way to avoid serious issues. It is also important to have routine check-ups with us because we can spot potential issues before they have a chance to become worse and spread, causing more severe problems throughout your mouth. We most commonly check for loose fillings and crowns, any signs of infection or gum disease, and early signs of decay. Our experience and tools allow us to find these issues before you may even begin to notice them.

We know that dental emergencies happen. We want to know when they happen to you. Please call us with any questions or concerns you may have. It is always better to consult us first than avoid oral issues or try and treat them yourself.

Whatever is the emergency dental issue we are here to stop the pain and solve your dental emergency as soon as possible.  

Call our office today on 914-476-3838 for an emergency dentist appointment.

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